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  These are main section headings covered in the Snapshotz Workbook

SectionTotal Questions
  1.0  Corporate Objectives / Business Processes 
 1.1.0Corporate Objectives and Strategy Fit  (Compulsory)9
 1.2.0Call / Contact Centre Objectives and Strategy  (Compulsory)5
 1.3.0Business process alignment and change management  (Compulsory)21
 1.4.0Disaster Recovery Plan, Data Security and Compliance  (Compulsory)42
  2.0  Customer Relationship Management 
 2.1.0Customer contact  (Compulsory)48
 2.2.0Customer Complaint Management  (Compulsory)13
 2.3.0Customer satisfaction  (Compulsory)5
 2.4.0Digital Customer Service Delievry  (Compulsory)44
  3.0  Health & Safety and Staff Wellbeing 
 3.1.0Health & Safety - Health, Safety and Environment  (Compulsory)15
 3.2.0Health & Safety - Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and the working environment  (Compulsory)20
 3.3.0Health & Safety - Environmental controls and practices in place or what needs to be in place.  (Compulsory)9
 3.4.0Health & Safety - Eyes and eyesight, voice, hearing / noise, and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are covered in this section.  (Compulsory)22
 3.5.0Staff Wellbeing  (Compulsory)26
 3.6.0Staff Wellbeing - Cover daily work routine and work practises within the centre.  (Compulsory)16
  4.0  Contact Centre Structure  (Compulsory)15
  5.0  Recruitment / Career Development / Remuneration 
 5.2.0Career development42
  6.0  Training33
  7.0  Internal Communications15
  8.0  Operational Metrics 
 8.1.0Scheduling and resource planning12
 8.2.0Service Measures11
 8.3.0Reporting – Contact Centre Metrics36
 8.4.0Contact volumes and costs31
 8.5.0Call and contact flow monitoring and management.  (Compulsory)14
 8.6.0Call and contact quality management  (Compulsory)11
 8.7.0Quality of voice messages, automatic response and other customer contact  (Compulsory)5
 8.9.0Quality and process analysis10
 8.10.0Planning and Objective Setting21
Total Questions:648

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